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2007-2008 Trevecca Baseball Schedule/Results
(Game times are listed as Central Time and are subject to change)

1FriMilligan CollegeW 10-31-0recapbox
2SatMilligan College (2)L 9-8, W 10-42-1recapbox
14ThuTennessee Wesleyan #10W 14-133-1recapbox
15FriIndiana Tech #RVW 8-54-1recapbox
16SatIndiana Tech (2) #RVL 5-4, W 8-55-2recapbox
19TueCovenant CollegeW 8-56-2recapbox
20WedCampbellsville University #24W 4-17-2recapbox
22FriBethel College (Ind.) W 11-68-2recapbox
23SatBethel College (Ind.) (2)W 5-0, L3-29-3recapbox
26TueShorter CollegePostponed
1SatCumberland University (2) (TS) #25W 4-3(8), W 4-211-3, 2-0recapbox
4TueGeorgetown CollegeW 11-812-3, 2-0recapbox
7FriFreed-Hardeman (TS) Cancelled
8SatFreed-Hardeman (2) (TS) Cancelled
10MonFaulkner University #19W 9-013-3recapbox
12WedTennesse Wesleyan #12W 12-0 (8)14-3recapbox
13ThuMartin MethodistW 15-615-3, 3-0recapbox
14FriMartin Methodist (2) (TS) W 5-4, L 7-216-4, 4-1recapbox
17MonLee University #3L 7-216-5recapbox
18TueAuburn Montgomery (2)L 12-1, L 3-216-7recapbox
21FriCrichton College (TS) W 14-1117-7, 5-1recapbox
22SatCrichton College (2) (TS) W 5-0, W 7-419-7, 7-1recapbox
25TueGeorgetown CollegeL 8-0, L 4-319-9recapbox
28FriBethel College (TS) W 7-220-9, 8-1recapbox
29SatBethel College (2) (TS) Rainout
1TueBerry College W 4-121-9recapbox
5SatUnion University (2) (TS) W 4-2, L 1-022-10, 9-2recapbox
8TueBethany CollegeL 10-722-11recapbox
11FriLyon College (TS) W 15-523-11, 10-2recapbox
12SatLyon College (2) (TS) W 1-0, W 5-025-11, 12-2recapbox
15TueCovenant CollegeW 12-426-11recapbox
16WedLindsey-WilsonW 21-727-11recapbox
18FriMid-Continent (2) (TS) Sr. DayW 12-4, W 12-229-11, 14-2recapbox
19SatMid-Continent (TS) W 6-230-11, 15-2recapbox
22TueCampbellsville UniversityW 9-131-11recapbox
24ThuLambuth University (TS) L 11-931-12recapbox
25FriLambuth University (2) (TS) W 12-5, W 15-1433-12, 17-3recapbox
28MonTranSouth Tourney (Bethel)W 13-334-12recapbox
29TueTranSouth Tourney (Cumberland)L 4-034-13recapbox
30WedTranSouth Tourney (Union)W 10-235-13recapbox
1ThuTranSouth Tourney (Freed)W 3-136-13recapbox
1ThuTranSouth Tourney (Cumberland)L 7-5 (10)36-14recapbox
6TueNAIA Region XI (Campbellsville)L 21-036-15recapbox
7WedNAIA Region XI (Cumberlands)W 14-537-15recapbox
9FriNAIA Region XI (Campbellsville)L 9-837-16recapbox


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